Saturday, 7 June 2008

New Imposition Software for InDesign supports MAC

The InDesign Imposition Plugin is an imposition solution specifically designed to automate digital printing. It provides you with the professional features to manage an imposition workflow at a fraction of the cost of more expensive solutions. The useful plug-in includes full control over page position, bleeds, page-spread, crop marks and booklet impositon. Regardless if you are a prepress pro or just starting in digital printing, this plug-in eases you into the world of imposition.

The InDesign Imposition Plugin will help you increase the quality of each print, making you more profitable. You will have “peace of mind” by insuring consistency from one project to another without the operator’s intervention. It provides you with production efficiency to deliver short runs on time, all the time.

Profit from the beginning!

The simple, user-friendly interface makes it possible to learn using the software step-by-step while you are actually creating impositions in a production environment. This way you can use almost the full potential of the plug-in without spending hours with examining the manual.

Work without limits!

Our primary goal during the development was to create a software which can turn your creative dreams into professional printer spreads. Imposition sheet size and pages per sheet is only limited by InDesign and free memory!

Imposition has never been so easy!

Who said you must be a rocket scientist to create impositions? We think you need a software which concentrates on the final product instead of the technical spiel. You need a software which has a friendly, clear and easy to use user interface. You need a software what you can use intuitively without the manual. For your imposition needs you need the InDesign Imposition Plug-in!

Main Features

Unlimited: 1, 1000, or 100000 sheets in one imposition

Step and repeat impositions

Sheet size is only limited by InDesign and free memory

Automatic sheet size calculation

Saddle-stitch booklets