Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The Latest Imposition Software - PDF-based

inpO2 is high-end imposition software for PDFs. inpO2 creates sophisticated impositions and imposition layouts using PDF or JDF formats, MAC or PC. Like most imposition software, it is ridiculously expensive (the ‘entry level' version is US$840). InDesign users, see my article in August on an economical imposition sotfware solution, and all others, read-on:

User Interface

There are three possible workflows in inpO2:
• Wizard: Use the assistant to easily create any type of imposition from a single source document. Jobs can be saved and reused with new documents.
• On-the-fly imposition: Work on the light table and output your imposed document directly.
• Template and binding-based assembly: Create a sheet template, then import it in into the Assembly Manager and set the job parameters such as number of pages, binding, creep adjustment, etc.

Imposition Software in a Familiar Interface
inpO2’s user interface completely integrates into Adobe Acrobat’s environment and transforms it into a traditional light table for imposition. Acrobat’s Pages panel displays press sheets thumbnails and eases the navigation.

Wizard for Job Creation
inpO2’s Wizard makes the production of imposition layouts faster and simpler! Entire impositions can be created for Step & Repeat, Cut & Stack, N-up, Perfect Bound and Saddlestitched job types, with the easy and compact Wizard interface displaying a PDF preview.
Intuitive Light Table
The precise object positioning can be done using rulers, snap guides and position palette, to name just a few functions.

WYSIWYG Profiles
inpO2 profiles are a set of options adjusting the visibility of any object on the light table as well as upon output. In addition to inpO2’s default Working, Proofing and Output profiles, you can save your owns and quickly change the view mode from a drop menu.

Flexible Marks
All types of printer’s marks are available including collating marks and density bars. Moreover, you can use the Imported Mark object to add your own images.

Manual or Automatic Pagination
Paginate manually by choosing each page number individually, or select a folding from the library.

Tree-View Assembly Manager
Simply drag templates above, inside or below another to create bindings. Put together templates, form booklets and automatically paginate the whole publication. The assembly permits separating job parts that will not print in the same way (for example the book cover and its content).

PDF/JDF Output
inpO2 exports complete impositions to PDF format, and imposition plans to JDF format.

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