Friday, 16 November 2007

Imposition Software for InDesign CS3

An Imposition solution for InDesign CS3 has finally arrived.

The guys at have created the InDesign Impose Script. This imposition plugin takes any InDesign document, converts it into a PDF and imposes the PDF onto a new InDesign document - all with ONE click of a button! It can also do saddle-stitch booklets, and has the capabilities to customise bleeds, gutters, blank pages, shuffle pages and much more! With the removal of InBooklet SE, CS3 owners are looking for an imposition solution for Adobe InDesign CS3.

Customizable: The imposed InDesign document has crop marks and pdfs of separate layers, allowing one the flexibility of tweaking the position of the PDFs (rotating flipping etc), or that of the crop marks. Also, by recreating the PDFs with your own PDF specifications, you’ll have a perfect document, ready to send to printer.

Time-saving: There is no limit to the number of pages the script can handle. 1,16, or 150 pages.
Intelligent: After entering your custom paper stock size, the plugin will automatically calculate how many pages can be imposed on one sheet, rotating the pages if necessary to get the best fit.

Affordable: From prices starting at US$39.99, it’s a bargain. It’s a new company and they’ve kept prices low to spread the word about this great piece of imposition software.

Available for PC only. For Adobe Indesign CS2, Adobe InDesign CS3, and Adobe InDesign CS.